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Hi, my name is Kamil. I'm an entrepreneur and innovation hacker based in Cologne/Germany.

I help people and organizations follow ideas that matter for themselves and others so that they can focus on what's essential in life and business.

I believe that we should focus our attention, time and money on what's essential for ourselves and others. This enables us to create a more fulfilling life for everybody.

Think about that we spend around 20 % of our life at work and a reported 80% of people feel not engaged in their jobs. Not to mention how many hours we sit in front of meaningless TV or Social Media content. Imagine what we could achieve if we use the time for things we really care about.

For me, innovation-based entrepreneurship with a clear purpose is a great way to unleash this potential. My goal is to help as many people as possible to take the first steps in creating, testing and realizing their ideas.

As an entrepreneur, I co-founded MAK3it and Innovation Kickbox. With MAK3it we’ve been working with some of the biggest companies in Germany and many SMEs in the field of corporate entrepreneurship and innovation since 2013. The Innovation Kickbox is a toolkit that has empowered more than 1.000 people to get started with innovation and entrepreneurship in just two years. All together our products at MAK3it touched 10.000+ people in 5 years.

I left MAK3it as the CEO in 2018 and sold my shares to my co-founders. The Innovation Kickbox is still in my portfolio.

In the role of an innovation hacker I’ve personally helped more than 200 innovation teams and startups to bring new ideas to life - 10x faster than with regular processes. I’m focused on helping them with business idea validation (problem/solution fit), early-stage customer acquisition (from 0 to 1 customer) and finding a purpose for their work that inspires the team, customers and partners (Know-Why).

As a trainer and coach, I teach corporate executives, employees, and entrepreneurs how to use the innovation hackers mindset, tools and methods to solve their individual challenges, lead top-talents and create successful innovation and startup ecosystems.

I started my entrepreneurial journey at the age of 12 by selling bicycle parts and scaling up to a successful eBay business. I financed my BA studies with day trading and several other side projects and founded my first full-time tech start-up in 2012 - which failed miserably. ;-)

I love good food, meditation, and technology that works for humanity.

I would be happy to hear your story. Let's talk!