My Portfolio out of Startups and Projects - Kamil Barbarski

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Innovation Ecosystem Design

Agile building, improving and managing innovation ecosystems. Targeting corporate accelerators and incubators, entrepreneurial culture and fostering talent. More

Design Sprint Facilitation

Solving big challenges and testing new ideas with Design Sprints - Google's proven innovation process with results in five days. It's like Design Thinking on steroids. More

Innovation Kickbox

A scalable innovation and education program that helps aspiring innovators within companies and startup founders to start with their ideas. More

Innovation Hacking, Training & Coaching

Hans-on operative support, training and coaching for top executives, innovation teams and startups with the goal of empowering them to generate, test and implement ideas 10x faster.

Iā€™m focused on helping them with business idea validation (problem/solution fit), early-stage customer acquisition (from 0 to 1 customer) and finding a purpose for their work that inspires the team, customers and partners (Know-Why).

The tools and methods I use since 5+ years are: Lean Innovation, Lean Startup, Customer Development, Design Thinking, Business Model Design, Google Design Sprint, Adobe Kickbox, Find your Why by Simon Sinek

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